For the Katie’s fifth year, the Quidditch video game had been terminated as a result of the school holding the newest Triwizard Event

For the Katie’s fifth year, the Quidditch video game had been terminated as a result of the school holding the newest Triwizard Event

5th season

Whenever Harry was chose just like the last champion, alongside Cedric Diggory, Fleur Delacour of Beauxbatons Academy regarding Secret, and you may Viktor Krum of one’s Durmstrang Institute, Katie, as with any the fresh new Gryffindors, are ecstatic. She was thrilled you to definitely Harry you may pay Hufflepuff straight back having dropping against him or her within their earlier 12 months by the beating Cedric. [15]

Harry acquired the fresh Triwizard Glass, however, no body indicated glee, because college or university was at mourning over the loss of Cedric Diggory. At the conclusion of the college 12 months, Albus Dumbledore held a monument services so you can Diggory and he publicly spoken the rise away from worst and also the start of the Next Wizarding Battle.

Sixth year

Inside Katie’s sixth year, Angelina is actually named brand new Gryffindor Quidditch captain and you may is no faster demanding than simply Wood ended up being. Within the title, Hogwarts try under assessment regarding Higher Inquisitor Dolores Umbridge, who had an excellent disliking to possess Harry and place him from inside the detention a few times, interrupting new Gryffindors’ Quidditch behavior schedule. Throughout the you to definitely work out, Keeper Ron Weasley enacted this new Quaffle so you’re able to Katie in short order, resulting in they to hit their rectangular regarding deal with. Fred Weasley enacted the lady a little red-colored some thing from his wallet to help you staunch new resulting nosebleed, nonetheless it actually improved brand new blood loss to the point that the latest practice class was terminated and you may Katie was delivered to this new medical wing by the twins. [16] Later in, Hogwarts was around rebellion out-of both children and you may personnel exactly the same.

In an effort to defy Dolores Umbridge, Harry, with the aid of Hermione, build an organisation titled Dumbledore’s Armed forces, in which children you will definitely practise ideas on how to protect by themselves inside a practical style. Katie along with her friends registered the latest D.A great. and you will went to numerous conferences. She upcoming got a rush-within the which have Peeves, just who application de rencontre pour le sport built a whole cooking pot out of ink over this lady head. [17] Throughout the starting matches facing Slytherin, the latest Gryffindor group was in fact being taunted by the Malfoy and his awesome staff due to the low quality out of gamble by Ron Weasley. Gryffindor obtained shortly after Harry stuck the new Snitch, but through the a blog post-matches endeavor between Malfoy and you may Harry, the 3 Chasers needed to artificially restrain Fred from fighting Malfoy after the guy insulted his household members. [18] At the conclusion of the season, Katie needed to say goodbye to each other Angelina Johnson and you may Alicia Spinnet, since the a few was in fact 7th-12 months students graduating of Hogwarts.

Seventh year

Into the Katie’s seventh and final year, she is the actual only real modern person in brand new Quidditch class leftover next to Harry. Yet not, she overlooked from the positioning of Gryffindor Quidditch Chief, and that as an alternative decided to go to Harry as an alternative. When Harry held try-outs, Katie told Harry that she did not wish to your so you’re able to go for her because she was an old user, but to hold a good demo rather than lay relationship first. Which generated Ron most embarrassing, when he try Harry’s closest friend. Katie been able to contain the updates regarding Chaser, operating close to newcomers Ginny Weasley and you may Demelza Robins. [19]

For the 12 October, [20] while on a visit to Hogsmeade, Katie try set under the Imperius Curse of the Three Broomsticks innkeeper, Madam Rosmerta (herself within the Imperius Curse by the Draco Malfoy). Katie was made when deciding to take a beneficial cursed Opal Necklace, hence she located in girls’ bathroom, to Dumbledore from inside the an assassination try. Although not, since the she argued along with her buddy Leanne, the box torn and you may Katie came in contact with this new necklace. The good news is, due to the fact she got simply handled it courtesy a tiny opening when you look at the the lady glove, it merely triggered the lady dreadful problems rather than instantaneous dying. Immediately after Professor Snape were able to staunch the curse of progressing one then, Katie was relocated to St Mungo’s Health to possess Magical Sicknesses and you can Wounds as a result of the destroy are as well detailed getting Madam Pomfrey to help you repair, and you will invested half a year healing. [21] Once being discharged off St Mungo’s, she invested a short time from the their home with her parents before returning to Hogwarts. [22]

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