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I’ll show you that in a minute and I do want to show you some um dual action airbrush gun.New products that I’ve gotten in namely air brush holders cookie airbrush gun, I’ve had the opportunity.Let me see let’s get this bright orange child away, that’s also a new product, I’m going to show you all right.Check this out, this is from harbor freight and I think it was only ten bucks but I’ve had the opportunity to collect a few more of the badger air brushes, the Chrome the so tar I got another a patriot with a smaller needle in it so we’ll be reviewing these soon, um, this is a very finding I think this is a point too. Millimetre so we will be going over those but anyway I needed more room brushes and I noticed this when I was shopping once again at harbor freight and you know what it works terrific, it even has cut outs in the bottom of my air brush with the Mac valve, my Pro cowboy so that it fits right in.And then you can have hangers up here and then these can be adjusted, so you have your cup at the perfect level, you know you can this a red part goes back and forth, you adjust it here with the screw and you can even turn these, however way you want them I just happen to have them like this suction cups, if you have a table but it’s pretty solid everything steel on this thing, so it’s really heavy weighs down really good and my other holder came in yesterday, this is from Amazon because I wanted one that’s more readily available while I’m working.Yeah.Yeah look at that.Let me show you this check this out.HMM. Let’s get the patriot here that great.So look at that, so when I’m working you know I am going to secure it a little springy with all of them on it, but when I my secure this down to my bench, it should be fine, and they going really good, so I thought that was pretty nice I think this was on the twenty bucks also, and I believe you can take the bottom off yeah and you can add more weight to it, if that’s the way you want to go.And it even comes with extra holders for.If you have a gravity feed, it’s going reverse so the top is solid, the bottom has to cut out so you have gravity feed air brushes which I don’t use you can just switch to these how great is that and that awesome alright I’m gonna move this over to near the booth I want to show you guys that.Alright I can’t put a link up to that I might be on their website, I’ll see if it’s on their website, now this I got from one of my subscribers, he 3D printed, can you say these pieces.From a 3D printer.And they lock together, this hexagon design locks together and you can make it anyway you want and it holds perfectly I shaped it like this, um, Mister, Mister color lineup size, or.The tamiya, the smaller size, these are the tens, the ten milliliters now I can’t get these in my area I don’t even know how I got this I want to order all I can get is the big size to me is which everybody seems to want and that’s all I can get I can’t get these little ones in my area unless I order these online but these fit in here too, it’s the same jar, actually you can tell in Japan probably used this is probably a standard size whereas the larger jar seems to be more of a worldwide size c that it holds it to me as also. But obviously you see my collection, I’ll need way more than just this but you know what this is good for you pull out if you’re going by the your gun, um guides excuse me guys any instructions it has the numbers of all the Mr color stuff so you could just pull everything out you need for the kit and keep that in the corner while you’re building you’ll have everything ready at your hand, especially for me I I gotta reach over.A couple feet away at least six feet away to get my paint or behind me when I’m building I’d like to pull everything down and get it ready, and that’s what I’m going to use this for I will put a link in the description below, we can get these from my buddy.And I believe it’s an Instagram account, I’m not sure I’ll when I post this video I’ll have everything in the description below, and I’ll try to listen, it probably has a hexagon paint display, maybe I’ll do that the orange hexagon paints but you won’t be able to Miss it haha that labeled pretty good alright.Couple of things before we go I got this at hobby Lobby, I’m not a die cast guy at all, but, um I do love my nissans, I love classic nissans, and this was 40% off because it came up as a model model kit, so, um from thirty bucks was like eighteen and it’s really nice and I’m not a die cast guy but I like to have this heavier die cast almost toy type stuff on my bench. When I move my plastic guns around and kind of get ruined and a little loose and whereas this stuff this model rocket I just put together from sds I I just like to have little things on the on the desk that can kind of take a beating and this kind of meets that criteria and.That’s the reason I got it, plus it’s a Nissan it was marked down I I love all nissans I just I just I just do I must sucker for these things, but to put that in the corner before we begin our test now let me show you the shelf behind me and I’ll show you what I did, and then we’ll get on with the acrylic artist to paint test, I’m gonna pause the camera and flip it around.Okay guys here yo I literally flipped around a.I’m holding the camera I keep trying, keep it steady but I’ll show you where I was just sitting just so you know see it, it was directly behind me.And there it is that’s the wall that fell down all of this.And what I did was I bolted it to the studs anchored everything down it’s gonna rail now at the top. It’s all hanging off of it might go even further and put little rods that support this from the ground up that even support water because this stuff is heavy particularly that display painted those glass jars, those are thick, those things are heavy I’ll get a little closer show you in a minute, but from here I want to show you I bought these LED lights underneath 99 apiece at Walmart look at those babies and I just.Y, um to behind the bench.And then you now I get a nice full lighting and this light at the top you can see this chain right here I just tilted the light.Say it so I’m just angling the light by hooking it up right there and that takes care of the top shelf, so now that I’m standing up, let me show you what we’ve got here is that mia’s Praise.Into.Display lineup paints I got miscellaneous back here, these are my metal iser’s in the spray can from model massa, those are gone I grab them before they were disappeared.Alright, let’s go back down here and check this out guys, finally in the house to me, um, een ambles, this test is coming up, hopefully this week look at that I am so happy and they weren’t very inexpensive too, and I got the thinner too, so I’m excited for that I put the tomatoes in here they fit good, they’re a little bit of an angle that didn’t quite fit the shelf, but hey look how nice they look.Here’s my model masters, these came in today I picked these up at my local hobby shop, these are all my aircraft colours for my planes, I’m going to start working on dark gull grey, these are all the federal standard aircraft colours I gotta collect them all as those are starting to disappear to here’s the rebels I put into the um. The empty tummy of jars is my testers enamels.Ravel acrylics, here’s my collection that just came in half of these just came in from a wicked colors, these are all the new pearl ized colors, beautiful, beautiful colors, so this test has come up very soon, I’m working on this right now actually and back, there’s the candy, oh colors that’s another test, my mettle iser paint from model master, my humbles and that’s it and below is his I might keep my primers.Here’s all my thinner’s and reduce ers, and this is a sound bar from TCL, this is I had this on my TV, but I got two of them and it’s bluetooth and I feed my phone with my all my music on I have tons of metal and a big metal guy and I just I sit down here I bluetooth it to this, this thing sounds awesome look at the subway’s underneath it and it pushes against the bottom real nice sound and the metal sounds really good coming out of it.And that’s about it I want to show you a couple of kids I just got the zeke aka the zig arc, this is char’s all of a sudden hard to find local store had one so I grabbed it and let me show you what else let’s go up here.Space 1999 I got in the new area once again the two forty from to me, this just came out last week the new Nissan and I gotta show you something else here you.The gun tank, all of a sudden is hard to find you believe this, this is like 150 to 200 on ebay, all of a sudden and I’m not quite sure why I just watched star Trek beyond and here is the USS Franklin the ship that they discovered on the abandoned planet and that’s all he is my perfect grade unleashed it just came in and a few other kids over here, captain har lock which I love and.This little camaro just came out look at that.That’s from my youth, that’s when I went to high school and that’s it, I am going to show you one more thing, so please forgive me if the camera is shaky here, it is that’s the filter material for the spray booth I just take the one that came with it and I bought this role I think it was ten bucks look at it it’s the same material that’s in the spray booth.I just cut it to size and shove it in there and it’s perfect, it’s literally a quarter of the price of the regular one and I compared them they’re like identical it works great to I tested it a few times already, this is the bag, it came in, so I just left it so, um, I’ll have the link up there too, if you guys need some filter pads in this this link is also in the spray booth test video that I did the unboxing so it’s there too, and I found it best on ebay, but, I do have the link to where I got it and took about a week to get it, but I didn’t need it right away and that’s why I wanted to show you the filter pads for that and.All the little things I showed you were caught up so I’m gonna pause, this put it back on the bracket and then we’re going to show you how to air brush artist acrylic tube paints.Alright guys, here we got back at the bench and this is the variety of artist paints that I purchased I got master’s touch.Liquid tex.This is master’s touch again should be over there.Master’s touch sick body acrylic, these or even a heavier pigment.I want to try them to iridescent bright Silver good color will go over the colors right now and grum bacher, this is an iridescent white.Iridescent bright Silver vivid lime green. Gold, this should be with them, let’s move this over gold.And this is a um is metallic in there it’s an actual metal gold iridescent, graphite, beautiful color.Silver.We are Silver.Alright brown red, but this is copper and you can see the shine to its got the metallic in it, titanium white, pure white.You could see the price on them five ninety nine.Orange.Yellow deep there’s like five yellows to choose from I figured this would look good on camera, so I grabbed that one permanent black.Vermillion red.In meridian five ninety nine these were actually either forty or 50% off they were 50% off and I think the sails come up next week because it’s been two weeks since, um, the sale ran everyone two weeks they rotate the sail out, making these things to 98 or something a piece and for the amount you’re getting in here and we’re going to cut this in half you’re getting a lot of p so, um.It’s a one of the reasons why I want to show it because the value is there, now how we’re going to thin, it is we’re going to use my homemade.T four thinner, watch my old video, if you haven’t already on making your own thinner, um, we can also try it with windshield washer fluid like I do the craft paint.And here’s the flow medium, this helps it’s is like a retard or flow, improve or like from vallejo, and this has to mix it for thin consistency and a glossy finish, it prevents cracking like so, um.Um, this is perfect, this is basically the flow, improve or um I tried doing it with this in a drop of this also, and I think a thin one yeah, you can actually thin it with this just did it right out with this.So you can just use that but this is not being cheap or trying to get out cheap here you know, this is nine bucks, this costs more than all the tubes of paint, you know even if you see not ten dollars on this it was master’s touch which is half price, making this fi box, so even that was cheap, the grum bacher goes on sale liquid tex rarely goes on sale, that’s why you only see two of those were doing this for for the value longer spray maybe three or four of them, I’ve done a few off camera ready, so we’ll go through the colors and I’m going to show you guys.A how-to fit now and then we’re going to show you how I clean out the air brush with my hot water brewed from a cute cake uproar, there’s hot water in there now. So let me pause the camera and I’m gonna pick a few colors, I’m gonna show you how we’re going to send them.Alright guys, here we go, we’ll start with some yellow and I want to show you don’t go nuts trying to squeeze it, they come sealed.Which is a good sign, in fact you should check in the store, if they’re all sealed because if someone returned when they stuck it back on the shelf you’re going to have one that was exposed, put your cap back on.And there you go, now, we’re gonna spray a few spoons I primed the spoons. Beware of that I think you should always use primer when using acrylic so we’re just going to squeeze them in.That should do it a little more for the camera, but that should do it.And this stuff needs absolutely no shaking at all the pigment is just already blended perfectly.So always make sure you get the Snap to keep that.A completely from drying out alright we’ll start with my homemade dinner.You gotta go 5050, now it’s hard to tell because of how it is but.You guys all know you can start with this, it’s very very thick, so you’ll see what I’m talking about is just lingering in there.And if it’s too thin will just add some more. And there you go.I’m gonna show you.Um, what it should look like once it’s thin, now this you want to see some chunky’s I’ve been getting this see the junkies but believe it or not.And actually as you keep staring at it breaks down and that’s just what you’re looking for.It’s exactly what you’re looking for now, let me show you how I ended up blending this stuff, well I’m gonna reach across here guys and get my paints tara one second. Alright guys I’m back I got my badger paints terror I got my cup I use a shot glass to clean my paint, stir with I wouldn’t get that filled up off camera alright, what you do is you want to see that I’m blending egg eating an egg.That is blended oops, we made a mess now watch this.Put it here.And always keep please keep a paper towel handy.There you go, right.Now what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna blend up all the other colors.Same way, I’ll use different dinners, I’ll let you know which dinner using but there’s no difference and everything I’ve tested people thought the blue of the windshield washer fluid changes, it actually doesn’t it doesn’t change the color, but you can see.By dragging it along the cop. It will leave behind the pigment, can you say it.That’s still that’s still a perfect consistency.Is perfect, now I’m going to use my badger cut these in half I have to do that stretches them out, I’m gonna use my badger patriot which I think is a point, five millimeter needle which is perfect for this, it’s a little on the thick side and it’ll go perfectly I’ll do I’ll make sure I do a metallic.And maybe we’ll do one of these thick bodies here and we’ll pick a couple other colors here and then of course I did it some already so you guys can see it but I picked some bright ones because it shows up well on the camera so we will do that hey guys, let me mix up a few more of these. And we head into the match this to the booth.Alright guys, here we are at the booth, we’re gonna start with yellow deep.Masters touched the first one I blended.And we’re gonna go over a prime spoon I think this is a.Mr Mrs Mr surface or in the spray, can I just climbed a bunch of white spoons should always use primer when using a acrylic paints most acrylic paints, you should be using a primer help it stick. Um, here it is in the cup, you saw me thin it out I did the rest, the same way I used different ways of thinking, and I will show you that.In a second, but here we go.Fifteen PS I maybe even twelve you don’t want to pull back a lot, you want to do very little, keep a distance about three inches.When you get your first layer.You can actually see it’s tinted.To its color, I’ll do in the light here.SO.My technique if you watch my video on how to air brush acrylics, you’re just gonna pull down show you that no paint. Air dry for about twenty seconds.Nice and dry.I’ll go again at the same distance very light.It’s very heavy pigment, so this, this is going to cover quickly.Now we’re coming into the.Deepness of the color yellow.Once again.I’m showing you again it’s just air. I would drive this baby for about twenty seconds.Now we’re gonna come in a little heavier.Everything at this point, you should be fine I find this a really difficult to get it to run if you.Basically just being a little careful in not going mega heavy.It shouldn’t run at all, and you guys are gonna be really impressed.Um, with the result.Look at that.I’ll show you better under the lights.At the bench very impressive very impressive, we use hardly any pain.And that too was gonna get you a lot of Bang for your buck, I’m gonna go put this in the food dehydrated at about 130 degrees for about twenty minutes, you know fully cured.I’m gonna go do that now I’ll be back with the next color.All right next up guys, we have gold. Just simply go.Again go to the white school.I turned the air pressure up to fifteen on this with the metallics like to go a little higher on air pressure, let’s do the same thing will go from a big distance.And get our surface.Kind of prepped.We’ll say.Look at that it’s already starting to show its gold coloring again.We’re gonna go through with the ear drawing.If you have a lot of pieces to do when you’re doing a kit, you can just put the piece down move on to the next move on to the next.With the first coat by the time you come back, you’ll have this probably drive anyway, you don’t have to do what I’m doing, but if you want to do a.A couple of pieces you want to get it done quicker.You can do this quickly a drawing thing that I do.I’m just flashing it off.You can kind of tell when its ready it doles itself out, you’ll see it.You know in person.And I could tell her it’s dull so.Look at looking at gold already a really good-looking gold too, like um.One of the expensive hobby colors, it looks really good.If you use their fluent profits as it adds I read it to you a glossy sheen, so I put in them.A few of these I’m gonna see if we do get that glossy sheen at the end I think it’s gonna make it semi gloss is what I think it’s gonna do.Alright, looking dry let’s go in.Alright I think we can come in now for a wet coat.Yep there it goes.And it becomes the gold that is.Checked out whoa that nice one.It sprays like a lacquer practically.Alright, I’m gonna put this in the dehydrated or at 130 degrees we’ll be back with another color.Alright guys, next up is orange.Once again.A plastic spoon. A private Mr hobby, Mr surface, um.White 1000 I think.Twelve hundred I think.Again, we’re gonna go from a distance of about four inches.These are gonna cover quickly, these um.These reds and oranges, they have a real heavy pigment and Blues.All right there we go now from a distance, we’re going to get it to dry really fast.The further vote you get the more.The drier, the faster it’s going to dry when it hits the surface and that’s kind of what we want with this because we wanted to create kind of its own primer.For the next layer to stick upon and that’s why I do that, and then I hit the drawing.Like this.Pretty much dry already because we went to big distances are the same distance again. I’m only doing this to avoid runs, if you go right in going to get heavy runs, if you’re just do this process, even at this point you could probably start going on heavy you’re probably not going to get your runs.At all, it should stick really good to itself.It’s fully dry.Yeah, now you can tell when the colour takes shape that’s decided to match its actual color.That’s the that’s the final layer.You can see if you get any orange peel in there you can go in and um.Just hit those areas.And then you go an absolutely stunning deep orange look at that.That is great, let’s test this. If it runs if we going close, not really the air brush for this, no that’s not bad look.It doesn’t splatter at all look.Really good.Checked out.Not bad.Go figure, huh. Two dollars and ninety cents tube paint, check this out, it’s durable too I tested someone to try alright guys, let me wash this out, hot water, I’ll put this in the dehydrate or we’ll go back to the bench and I’ll show you what we’ve got done.Alright guys, here we are, we are back at the bench and these are the ones I painted and did a few on camera a bunch off camera, so I can have some drying in time to do a tape test and I think this stuff is.Really good, this is even better than the craft paint quality wise craft paint is a lot cheaper unless you go with the you’ve got this on sale at two ninety a bottle you’re not going to beat this because you’re doubling the size at this point, if you think about it at least 5050 minimum on the thinning minimum jetta that consistency of milk and then you’re good, um I used a little bit of flow in all three you can probably thin it completely with this, if you want but like I said it’s expensive I did one of them I can’t think which one I’d use this no difference and primarily I use my book much of it using my homemade thinner and like I said I’ll put a link below to the video of the homemade dinner, this works really good for these basic acrylics, I’ll say that and.Let’s go ahead and see we got four colors alright, this is the virginian.Okay, there are slightly different shades, you can see the brightness here, this is over I think this is over gray and this is over white.Look at that and it’s durable I’ll do a tape test at the end.All right, but for a million.Beautiful red checked out.Look at this.And on top of this, you can spray any acrylic I’m guessing much hardship I put anything over it but I’m guessing a dull coat or gloss coat I look good on a car kit forgot six oh good, it comes out. Alright, this is the orange I think we did this one on camera orange.They’re beautiful or what.Trying to get my new light here adjusted so it looks good, let’s see I knew Ben q lighting look at that.Alright. Yellow, we did this on camera I believe look at that.Doesn’t match the cap at all, though this is what I’m disappointed in some of these don’t really match actually you get closer you guys could see the camera it actually matches the paint men that does showing in the tube but it’s a beautiful yellow I think if you put another layer to you get down to this deeper color because the orange was a little on the brighter side and I put in that final wet coat and it came in with this deeper color, same with the red so I’m guessing if I went a little further with the yellow, however this is a yellow I do I do like I do like this bright yellow but it doesn’t quite match here I’m thinking it needed another coat.And if you want to reach this color I guess you could put it over a primer of a darker shade, this one over white, um I guess you could put it over even a yellow primer which I do have a great primer, this is red brown, this is the metallic copper, I mean how beautiful is this, this is over gray primer.It’s a little Dollar in person, if you could see it, yeah you probably see it right there, and this is over white primer is that beautiful.It would be a great project, you know building a gum, pluck it on the cheap using all these paints.Even if you take just a few of the primaries and mix your own colors to the mix really well together.Beautiful color.Titanium white, it looks like I’m holding up my white spoon, this is over gray now you could see it I wish you could see it, you really can’t oh there it is, see the grey coming through which is great I think this is a beautiful color for a lot of gumbo I I don’t like to pure white.Of the kids I always liked an off white and that’s why I actually have a lot of light on my shelf, but there it is right there, use this titanium over a grey primer you’re going to get that off white look really really cool almost a white gray.But it does come out pure white though overweight.It’s a really good-looking whites a snowy white oops, sorry guys, the camera oh my gosh here we go, alright gold.That’s one a two I think I did one over grey one over white on this one for some reason it didn’t make a difference, I’m not quite sure why.Probably the pigments were too sick but it’s a nice gold.Silver.A great look at that, that’s a great Silver right there that’s good for a frame.This one almost matches perfect, it’s kind of a bluish tint there but when you angle it, you get the same set at the same colors. Alright and I tried the sick body earlier in the week.Oh there you got it.Real heavy pigmentation in this but it cleaned up really nice it blended nice, no problem, no real difference, it seems a bit smoother than some of these others.But, um.I think this is over white primer and this is over plastic look at this I use a different spoon, so I can tell I pull over plastic and you know what it’s stuck fantastic. In fact, let’s do it now oops dominos guys domino’s that’s why don’t like standing this stuff up.The rocket is off the launching pad alright check this out, here’s what we’re gonna do when I do the tape test, this is over plastic.Yeah.Nothing, not even up.Nothing, let’s try it over the primer, I’m pushing this on really hard two guys broke the tape first so there you go, it is durable I wanted to do it on one of these other ones because it’s been sitting most of the week and I know that the longer it sits the more durable it gets and some of these if I even rub it you’re gonna get some Marks, but if you wait.You get nothing, it’s just super durable look at that and a great color too, that’s a good accent color, so take test.It passed thick body iridescent Silver, this is over a black spoon check that out.This is over the primary spoon white, you can see the difference there. Again, not the best looking Silver, if you see it in person, but pretty damn nice compared to some of these other professional ones I’ve gotten I haven’t liked at all.Alright and the last one crumb bacher’s iridescent iridescent white.All right there we go that’s over white primer gray primer.Almost like the white we did over here. But it has it’s got a pearl essence to it.You can kind of see it there.Trying to get adjusted with this lighting, let’s try a different lighting.That’s a little dull, but you could probably see it better.Sit.That’s the same same cup of air brush picked up a grey spoon in a white spoon look at that, but if you can see the iridescence to it there it is, we turn up my light again.Look at that.So that’s it, guys.Try not to tumble them again.How many bloopers we get today man oh man anyway there you go, that’s a pretty good array to show you guys the different brands how they go on I do like this master’s touch particularly at six bucks half-price making it three when you catch them on sale, these went on, they seem to go on the best I’m not quite sure why the thick body also was really fantastic, not as many to choose from across more again, you go half price, so five bucks, um, it does clean up easy I recommend this in all my videos when I do a.A particularly my acrylic paint test, my hands were covered at the end of this test I just washed them before this look at this.That’s a little bit like a dime full water gone the stuff is fantastic, I’ll try remember I’ll put the link in the description for that hand cleaner so.And, um, that’s it, be sure to make your own thinner again and that along with the process of using these you’re gonna save yourself some money, a lot of colors to choose from, I mean there’s six shades of yellow six shades of red blue, you know I tried to pick ones that come up good on camera, that’s how I chose and.I think he can do no wrong with these personally I got all these at hobby Lobby based on their weekly sales and that is it that’s a test for the week and we’ll see early next week with another test, I’m going to be testing another alternative, a this time I’m gonna be air brushing, these inks.Onto plastic.Right, and then right after that we’re going to do this fx cost play.Um paints, these are cheap, these are three nine these were half price so these were two bucks a piece the size of the jar, and you should know these concealed so far so good on the early test on this really good really good and that’s it.

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