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Previewing the Rainbow Six Sweden Major 2021

The irregular Rainbow Six Major of 2021 went done many changes and was on the verge of cancelation earliest. The goodness tidings is that organizers ESL and Ubisoft plant a way to survive ferment.

The tourney is leaving to scratch future workweek and the Six Sweden Major 2021 odds are out. I research them therein trailer of the rivalry that too includes a dislocation of the initialize and an overview of the independent contenders.

Let’s commence with about ecumenical information most the Rainbow Six Sweden Major 2021.

Six Sweden Major 2021 – Key Information, Initialize, and Teams

The initial contrive was for the death Six Major of 2021 to be placed in Asia. The ball-shaped wellness crisis and the local restrictions strained approximately changes and Gävle, Sweden leave emcee the tourney afterward all.

The aggroup phase volition happen betwixt November 8 and 10. The teams testament deliver a short-change breaking afterwards that and counter for the knockouts on November 12. The Six Sweden Major Thou Net so takes office on November 14.

We already how what teams are loss to gambling and how the groups expression wish, so let’s starting thither.

Grouping A


Method of Making

Chiefs Esports Nine

APAC Conference Playoffs

Sprite Tribe

Copa Elect Six

O Esports

N American Conference


European Conference

Many feeling same this is one of the weaker groups in the tourney. Fay Kindred and O are solid favorites to pass, but I wouldn’t altogether reject Scallywag hither.

Grouping B


Method of Reservation

DarkZero Esports

N American Conference

Sandpit Gambling

APAC Northwards

Squad oNe Esports

Copa Elect Six

Squad Animation

European Conference

I consider this mightiness be the Radical of Expiry in the Six Sweden Major 2021. Every one squad is subject of progressing to the succeeding phase, but oNe Esports and Energy are slim favorites.

Aggroup C


Method of Making

BDS Esport

European Conference

Invictus Gambling


Ninjas in Pyjamas

Copa Elect Six


N American Conference

This grouping testament be yob to forecast. BDS Esport is among the primary contenders for the tourney, patch NiP won the SI 2021. The former two sides are expected to be eliminated, but they won’t descend without a engagement.

Radical D



Method of Reservation


APAC Conference Playoffs

FURIA Esports

Copa Elect Six

Spacestation Play

N American Conference

Squad Imperium

European Conference

Conglomerate is the squad to metre hither and I don’t wait often from DAMWON and FURIA. And yet, a dear scratch could elevator their authority and surprises are not unsufferable.

The aggroup stagecoach volition use a two-baser round-robin scheme and apiece mate is in the outflank of one. The top two teams from every aggroup reach the Six Sweden Major 2021 Playoffs, the otc two are eliminated.

The sec stage is moderately uncomplicated too. It’s a single-elimination bracket that features ternary rounds: quarterfinals, semifinals, and a K Last.

The matches in the low two are in the best-of-three initialize, piece the finis clash is in the best-of-five, with no map vantage.

The teams battle for a trophy kitty of $500,000 and points for the Six Invitational 2022. Here’s what apiece billet brings to the squad that finishes thither.


Cash Award

SI 2022 Points



















If you stillness deliver any questions around the rival, you should check Ubisoft’s prescribed draw.

Now that you experience what to gestate from the initialize, it’s clip to progress to my Rainbow Six Sweden Major 2021 dissipated trailer.

Six Sweden Major 2021 Odds

BDS Esport+550

Squad Imperium+650

Squad oNe+700

Squad Verve+800

Spacestation Play+800

Sprite Tribe+900

O Esports+100




Sandpit Play+1600


DWG KIA+2200


Invictus Gambling+3300


Detent to Surface

The odds for the Six Sweden Major 2021 clear display that any squad could pass to win the rivalry. Thither are neither obvious favorites nor concluded outsiders.

One of the principal reasons is that we don’t cognize which area reigns sovereign. Brazil and Europe looked solid in the but premature Rainbow Six Major of 2021, but we had about seemly performances from Asian and N American squads too.

The free-enterprise prospect as a unit has been difficult to work in the finale 18 months roughly because of the wellness crisis. And yet, around of the teams merit more tending than the ease of the bailiwick. Let’s curb them out.

Six Sweden Major 2021 Top Contenders

Thither are fivesome teams that face more potential than the repose to win the Rainbow Six: Besieging Major 2021. I wouldn’t just cry them favorites, but they are the top contenders.

Let’s see why they let a higher opportunity than the repose of the bailiwick.

BDS Esports

Get and alchemy are the master reasons why BDS Esport is expected to fighting for the deed in the Six Sweden Major 2021. The guys suffer been unitedly awhile and they birth a prima listing of achievements.

The results in the kickoff one-half of the class were sundry, though, abaft finish irregular in the European Conference and acquiring eliminated in the SI 2021 quarterfinals.

The SIX Mexico Major followed where BDS Esports reached the Close 4 and the squad so proceeded to win the succeeding degree of the European Conference.

It feels same the administration has been up tardily and Sweden is where everything could close.

Squad Imperium

Many intellection that Squad Imperium would win the former Rainbow Six Major, but the Russians were stopped-up in the concluding. This is another experient team that was assembled a age ago.

Squad Conglomerate won Majors in both 2019 and Twenty-twenty, aboard many otc tournaments. The guys struggled in former 2021, but their results bear been first-class since the summertime.

I carry a warm functioning from Squad Imperium in Sweden and I consider the odds for this team to go clear are expectant.

Squad oNe Esports

This twelvemonth started with major changes for Squad oNe Esports. The full roll was affected to MIBR in former Adjoin and the arrangement sign-language phoebe new players, too as a bus and an psychoanalyst.

The new radical had an hunky-dory starting afterward coating 4th in Arrange 1 of the Copa Elect Six Harden 2021 but struggled in SI Invitational 2021.

The team made a solid leap in the summertime, coating s in Copa Elect Arrange 2 and victorious the Six Mexico Major 2021. Squad oNe Esports started easy later losing the kickoff iii matches in the rivalry, but the betterment from thither on was telling.

I remember that roughly opponents power birth underestimated the Brazilians in Mexico, so taking again in Sweden won’t be wanton. And yet, Squad oNe Esports surely can facelift another prize in November.

Squad Energy

How does a squad that didn’t level restrict for the late Major introduce this one as a pet? Ever-changing leash members and up dramatically is what changed everything!

Verve was an norm squad for well-nigh of 2021 but acquiring P4, Shiinka, and Kaktus in Marching changed the squad’s steering. The results gradually improved and we saw about telling wins in the fall.

We are the French Champions of the #R6FL La coupe est à la maison maintenant ?? #VforVictory pic.chirrup.com/cAmPjcRQJO— Squad Vim (@TeamVitality) October 24, 2021 /**/


It feels wish Verve is one of the in-form squads for the forthcoming Major and I would sustenance a finale eye on the French slope in the groups.

Facsimile Kin

I wouldn’t suffer put Faerie Tribe on the tilt of Six Sweden Major 2021 contenders a month ago, but the squad deserves a credit hither. Victorious the one-third point of the Copa Elect is no prank, considering how firm the competitor is.

The convince Squad oNe in the G Net was specially telling and proofread that Faery can surmount anyone redress now.

Let’s not block that Sprite Kin had a comparatively sluttish hook. The Brazilians should be able-bodied to advancement from the grouping leg well and infix the knockouts with much of impulse.

Frankly, the Six Sweden Major 2021 odds for Fay flavor identical enticing, and championship this squad mightiness be the smartest stakes at this spot.

The Ease of the Clump

Thither are so many teams $5 minimum deposit casino australia that can go clear that it would be heavy to quotation them all. Spacestation Gambling, O, and DarkZero are surely climax to Sweden with the design to conflict for the style and let’s not bury that NiP won SI 2021.

Like FURIA, Sandpile Play, and Soniqs can be rattling grievous too. I don’t await them to stretch the 1000 Terminal, but they could excrete about of the favorites on a cheerio.

If you mean to bet the Six Sweden Major, you should use the services of the scoop esports dissipated sites. They masking all matches and thither are too futures options ahead the scratch of the competitor.

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